Welcome! I'm so glad you are here!

My soul mission is to help you awaken to your true loving compassionate self and discover your heart-based consciousness that the animals throughout your life reflect to you unconditionally.

As an Animal Communicator & Reiki Master for the past 10 years, Dulsa helps pet parents discover a new world - their soul connection with their animals both physically here and in spirit.

As a child her soul connection with the animals telepathically was strong. At 11 years young she created a neighborhood daycare for the kids and their pets.  Then like many children, the energetic connection faded as time passed & not encouraged, thus suppressed. 

Her re-awakening occurred in 2013 when caring for her family cat, Fuligan, who became ill. She was re-awakened to a deeper consciousness during an animal communication experience! In that session, she became consciously aware and found herself aligned, able to receive Fuligan's wishes, gratitude, and instructions on how to move forward once he transitions into the spirit realm.

"The moment our souls connected deeply, I realized that this was not just a gift; it was an ability lying dormant within many of us. Becoming an Animal Communicator became my calling - to assist you in comprehending your beloved pets both in their physical form and in the realm of spirit. Moreover, my purpose is to educate and empower others to do the same!!”

Dulsa's mission is to awaken our purpose in the Collective Consciousness so we may heal with our animals and come Home- to a Heart-Based Consciousness. Doing this provides planetary healing that occurs for all species.  She will help illuminate your journey to awaken the spiritual lightworker in you as your oneness with animals here and in spirit in your life deepens.

"As we AWAKEN to being our true selves, we become pure light of love and compassion. This is a conscious state of living with our connections with others. Our animals are Lightworkers helping us align our frequency unconditionally to heal the planet. We are truly HOME when we live in a heart-based consciousness.”

May Your Animals Light The Way 💖


Dulsanea Naedek's Additional Credentials:

Over the years Dulsanea studied with several Reiki Masters  & Animal Communicators including Lisa Powers, B.Ki, B. Ed;  Dulsanea's Lineage of Shinpiden Animal Reiki Master Teacher training is from Kathleen Lester, M.S Reiki Teacher and founder of Reiki Animal Alliance, and additional training with Kathleen Prasad, founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) and with teacher Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki.