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Animal Communication & Reiki

Gain insights into your animal's physical, emotional, and behavioral needs to better understand them. Experience the calming and healing benefits of a Reiki session with your pet. Additionally, find support and guidance to overcome the challenges of pet loss and grief.

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Group Mentorship

Join a nurturing and supportive environment where you can deepen your understanding of animals, enhance your intuition, and embrace the beauty of your own personal journey with your animal(s). 


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Private Mentorship 

Discover your exceptional potential through my 5 Step AWAKE-N Program. This program offers professional development with tailored career guidance and personal growth by addressing and releasing past traumas, anxieties, and fears. Experience transformative changes that positively impact both your life and your pet's wellbeing.

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Mentorship for Professionals

Gain clarity, confidence, and energy mastery techniques to IMPACT your client's lives. Embracing guidance is a courageous stride towards personal and professional growth and further enlightenment.


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Explore my free resources designed to help you form a deeper connection with your furry companions. These tools are tailored to unlock your intuitive abilities and assist in creating a peaceful, healing environment for you and your animals.

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Courses & Workshops

Enhance your intuitive skills and help in your pets' healing journey with my courses. Learn effective strategies to cope with the loss of a pet, and gain access to valuable tools and meditations for further assistance.


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Explore my curated selection of top book recommendations to further your journey in animal communication.


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Recommended Products

Explore a range of products designed to enhance both your health and the well-being of your animals.



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My name is Dulsanea and I am a Animal Communicator, Teacher & Certified Animal Reiki Master 

My intuitive connection with animals has been part of my life since childhood! My bond with all the animals throughout my life have always supported and taught me many lessons along my journey. IN 2013 when one of my cats, Fuligan, introduced me to Reiki and expanded my psychic abilities even more during his first long distance Reiki session. Immediately, I knew intuitively from my conversation with Fuligan, it was my calling to help other animals and their humans so they too may have a deeper understanding of what their animal is thinking, feeling and wants them to know while fortifying the energetic/spiritual connection with each other.

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