Refund Policy


Animal Companion Academy Community:

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide valuable educational and informational products and services. Please review our refund and cancellation policy below:

All sales are final. Once purchased, refunds are not available. Cancellations are available for the following billing month. 



Community Cancellation:

If you choose to unsubscribe, your access to the courses, biweekly group calls, 1:1 sessions, and private members area will be revoked. 


Single Reading-Coaching Sessions & Long-Term Coaching Packages:

All sales of Single Sessions & Long-Term Coaching Packages are final. Once purchased, refunds or cancellations are not available for these sessions. Cancellations are available for the following billing month. 

Please note that any refunds granted will be processed in accordance with our internal procedures and may take some time to complete.

For any inquiries or refund requests, please contact¬†[email protected].¬†We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you with our educational resources.