Animal & Human Reiki Session

During this 30-minute session, you will have the opportunity to:

🐾 Experience the calming effects of Reiki energy to promote relaxation, peace, and well-being 

🐾 Heal through the grieving process after the loss of a pet

🐾 Deepen your soul connection with your animal, living or in spirit

🐾 Engage in an energetic transformation with your true self and higher consciousness, along with your animal

About This Session

Reiki is a form of energy healing that promotes relaxation, inner peace, and overall well-being (like having a relaxing 'spa' treatment.) Reiki supports healing from illness and injury, to aid post-surgery recovery, lessen side-effects from medications, and can also support a peaceful hospice and dying process. They are also helpful for human companions of these animals. It also helps individuals cope with the grieving process after the loss of a pet. 

A distant Reiki session creates a healing space for you and your pet to deepen your connection while supporting a strong healing process with any type of imbalance - physical, emotional, and or spiritual.  It's a wonderful gift to provide you and your family. Reiki requires no physical touch, making it gentle and non-invasive. Animals love Reiki energy!

During your special 30-minute session, Dulsanea will dedicate a meditation to your animal, you, and/or your family. When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 and 4-legged) is often stressed, this is why Dulsanea likes to include all of you in the session, too.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are outside of the USA, a Zoom Link will be provided after purchase. Otherwise, all sessions in the USA are conducted by phone

PLEASE NOTE: Dulsanea requires that your animal be given a quiet space to rest and relax during the session.


What The Humans Are Saying


"Dulsanea is a very talented individual that helped communicate with and send our dog, Lily healing Reiki energy. With her assistance, we have made changes and been able to see noticeable improvements in her health and demeanor since our session and consultation! Thank you so much!"


"I met Dulsanea by chance. After only speaking with her for a few minutes, I was sure I wanted her to meet my German Shepherd who is 1 and a half, Riley. Upon the meeting and after Riley received reiki, Dulsanea was able to tell me that Riley just wanted a little more one on one time with me. I work nights and have been taking classes, so my time has been limited with Riley compared to what she is used to. Since the reiki, I have been taking time to just give Riley one on one attention in the mornings and evenings alone in my room. Riley and I instantly had a better relationship upon these improvements and still do. Riley now cuddles up in my lab and is more affectionate towards me. really can understand her wants and needs better since meeting with Dulsanea".

Joanna H. 

"Thank you for helping my relationship with Honey. With the Reiki sessions and our communication sessions we are connected deeper! I see now where she wants to go for walks, and, after months of barely moving, she’s back at it!"


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