Discover Animal Communication To Improve Your Pet's
Behavior, Health, & Your Relationship With Them

Heal From Pet Loss AndĀ Navigate Grief with Understanding & Compassion


What you'll get in this session:

šŸ¾ Understand your animal's physical, emotional, and/or behavioral needsĀ 

šŸ¾ Overcome pet loss and connect with your animalĀ 

šŸ¾ Ask 3 specific questions you have about your animal

šŸ¾ Learn about your life lessons with your animalĀ 

Ā šŸ¾ Follow up via email with any questions and insights to further guide you

šŸ¾ MP4 Recording of the session

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About This Session

How Does it Work?

I establish a telepathic connection with yourĀ animal and engage in a two-way dialogue silently. I receive information through images, feelings, thoughts, and my 6 senses. In this session I will ask your animal what your soul contract is (these are the life lessons your pet teaches you) so you both may start your healing process. I also conduct a body scan to identify any physical areas of pain or discomfort, as well as gather information about your pet's food, bedding, home environment, and exercise routine.Ā You will receive a recording of the session.Ā 

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the ability to interpret an animal's thoughts, feelings, and desires through telepathy. It can be used to better understand animals, deepen bonds with pets, solve behavioral issues, and communicate with animals in spirit. Telepathy is the ability to transmit thoughts or ideas without physical communication and is a Universal Language thatĀ isĀ used to communicate with all living beings.Ā Animal communication is all about energy connection and using our innate 6 psychic senses to receive the information.

Ā ***I will NEVER direct message you on social media for readings. Beware of imposters!***Ā **** I DO NOT work with LOST ANIMALS*******


Yes! Book My Session Now For $197!

This Blew Her Mind About What Her Dogs Told Me

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Additional Testimonials Showcasing the

Impact of an Animal Communication

Session with Dulsa


“Dulsa connected with my Marlie Girl in spirit and shared that Marlie and Penny are with me. When Dulsa mentioned “Penny” I wasn’t sure which dog in the family line she was. I went through my photos and found this! Until now  I never really noticed my grandmother holding a dog in this picture and asked my mother about the dog in the photo. She told me that is Penny!!”

Ms. M.

"Dulsanea was kind and caring throughout the entire experience. I asked her to communicate with my Burmese Python, Remy, about a few injuries sustained and if he was ready for a larger home. Remy was relaxed and calm the whole time, and Dulsanea was able to locate the exact area my Remy was injured, and he communicated to her that he wasn't in pain anymore. He also told her that he was ready for his home to be expanded, which I wasn't sure of yet. Since the session, Remy has been happier and calmer, and I now know he loves me as much as I love him. I am so thankful for Dulsanea and all she has done for us!! New Update! Remy now has his new home, and he loves his digs!"


"Dulsa was a tremendous help to me! My Yorkie, Mama Allie, is deaf and blind and walks in circles a lot. Dulsa was able to connect with her and immediately called her Allie without me telling her my dog’s name! The connection was a tremendous help because I’ve been very worried as to how Allie was feeling about her health. I was assured that Allie is here and loves me very much. This was so wonderful to hear! I noticed that Allie is calmer since the session. Thank you so much!"

Jess J.

"I feel so much lighter since your reading. It has helped me get closure! I booked a reading with Cosmo and Jazz both here in physical form so I can't wait. You have helped our family so much and I referred you to so many people already. You're an angel!!!"


Yes! Book My Session Now For $197!