Animal Community Mastery Program

Unlock Your Telepathic Abilities & Grow with Animals

Here are the benefits of joining this circle:

🐾 Improved ability to communicate with animals telepathically

🐾 Increased understanding and awareness of animals' thoughts, feelings, and needs

🐾 Deepened connections with animals and a stronger relationship with your own pets

🐾 Personal and professional growth through the exploration and practice of animal communication

🐾 A nurturing and supportive environment where you can deepen your understanding of animals, enhance your telepathic abilities, and embrace the beauty of your own spiritual growth.

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          Intermediate and Expert at 75% Capacity

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Start today in your extraordinary journey of self-discovery and soulful connection with your animal(s)

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Inside The Community 🐾

Weekly Live Call

Our community is a safe space for animal communication enthusiasts to learn and explore how to heighten your Intuition, and practice Animal Communication with animals, Meditation, Crystals, Pet Grief Support, and more!

Guest Speakers

Every month, we feature expert speakers on animal communication, including trainers, veterinarians, and professional communicators. 

Access To Online Courses & Workshops

Topics include getting started, reiki energy, crystal healing, and more to strengthen your animal communication skills and connection with your animal.

Monthly Lives Readings

Participate in weekly live events with live readings and Q&A sessions on animal communication. We'll also address pressing topics within the community.

Exclusive Discounts 

As a member, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts on private animal communication sessions and Reiki.

Animal Communication Business Training

Improve your psychic and intuitive abilities, start and promote a business, and manage client relations.

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This Group Is For You If...

  • People interested in animal communication and connecting with others
  • Animal lovers looking to improve relationships with their animals
  • Your animals are experiencing behavioral or physical issues and need help
  • Professional animal communicators or those interested in becoming one
  • Those working with animals in various capacities, such as veterinarians, trainers, or sanctuary staff
  • Anyone looking to deepen their connection with animals and enhance their understanding of their behavior & needs
  • Seeking guidance and support in exploring animal communication as a hobby or profession
  • Living in harmony with animals and awakening to your higher self
  •  Awaken the spiritual lightworker in you to get more done, achieve more,  appreciate more and lead a fuller happier life.
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Animal Explorer Member


🐾 Weekly Safe Space Live Group Meetings.

🐾 Focus: Connect With Animals Telepathically, Q&A, Reiki, meditation, crystals, pet grief support & more!

🐾 Monthly Live Readings & Guest Speakers 

🐾 Access To Online Courses & Recorded Workshops

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Animal Intermediate Member

*All The Benefits Of The Explorer Package

🐾 Focus: Reiki, Animal Communication, Professional Development, Fulfill Your Potential As a Light Worker 

🐾 2 Hours Of 1:1 Consulting Per Month, Dependent On Your Desires.

🐾 Text Support From Me

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Animal Expert Member

*All Benefits Of INTERMEDIATE Package, Customized To Your Specific Needs

🐾 Focus: Discover Your Animal Soul Contract To Live A Higher Purpose

 🐾Enhance Your Skills for Personal & or Professional Growth

🐾 4 Hours Of 1:1 Consulting Per Month, Dependent On Your Desires

 🐾 Text support from me

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Intermediate and Expert at 50% Capacity


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My name is Dulsanea and I am a Animal Communicator & Certified Animal Reiki Master 

My intuitive connection with animals has been part of my life since childhood! My bond with all the animals throughout my life have always supported and taught me many lessons along my journey. IN 2013 when one of my cats, Fuligan, introduced me to Reiki and expanded my psychic abilities even more during his first long distance Reiki session. Immediately, I knew intuitively from my conversation with Fuligan, it was my calling to help other animals and their humans so they too may have a deeper understanding of what their animal is thinking, feeling and wants them to know while fortifying the energetic/spiritual connection with each other.

Read more about my mission here!

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What The Humans Have To Say



“Dulsa connected with my Marlie Girl in spirit and shared that Marlie and Penny are with me. When Dulsa mentioned “Penny” I wasn’t sure which dog in the family line she was. I went through my photos and found this! Until now  I never really noticed my grandmother holding a dog in this picture and asked my mother about the dog in the photo. She told me that is Penny!!”


"Dulsa was a tremendous help to me! My Yorkie, Mama Allie, is deaf and blind and walks in circles a lot. Dulsa was able to connect with her and immediately called her Allie without me telling her my dog’s name! The connection was a tremendous help because I’ve been very worried as to how Allie was feeling about her health. I was assured that Allie is here and loves me very much. This was so wonderful to hear! I noticed that Allie is calmer since the session. Thank you so much!"

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