Animal Communication Mastery Program

Awaken to Your Intuition to Connect with Animals and Understand Them Better in Life and Beyond


Here are the benefits of joining this circle:

🐾 Improved ability to use your INTUITION & TELEPATHIC abilities with animals

🐾 Increased understanding and awareness of animals' thoughts, feelings, and needs

🐾 Understand animal's behaviors - physical, emotional & spiritual

🐾 Personal and professional growth through LEARN - DISCOVER - SKILL - ACCESS to past and present content

🐾 Regardless if new to using your intuition and talking with animals or already speaking with animals, this is a nurturing and supportive environment where you can DEEPEN, SHARE & CELEBRATE

Start today in your extraordinary journey of self-discovery and soulful connection with your animal(s)

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Inside The Community 🐾

Bi-Weekly Live Call

Join us for our Monday community meetings at 1 PM EST. We'll focus on enhancing animal communication through exercises, practice sessions, and discussions covering intuition, self-growth, meditation, crystal healing, and pet grief support. On Thursdays at 1 PM EST, I'm here to answer your questions about past meetings and provide guidance on your experiences. It's a great opportunity for feedback on your progress and any additional guidance you may need.

Live Readings

Practicing using your intuition and psychic abilities with live readings and feedback with all types of animals.

Access to Previous Recorded Meetings & Workshops

All our weekly meetings are conveniently recorded. Plus, you'll get access to an extensive library of my previous 'Intro to Animal Communication' workshops. This wealth of resources is perfect for further honing your skills and deepening your understanding at your own pace.

Animal Communication Business Training

Improve your psychic and intuitive abilities, start and promote a business, and manage client relations.

Access To Online Courses 

Topics include getting started, reiki energy, crystal healing, and more to strengthen your animal communication skills and connection with your animal.

Exclusive Discounts 

As a member, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts on private animal communication, Animal Reiki Sessions as well as upcoming workshops.

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This Group Is For You If ARE...

  • Interested in learning how animal communication works regardless of experience
  • Looking to improve relationships with your animal(s)
  • Ready to develop a stronger connection with animals, gain insights into their behavior, and enhance your intuition
  • Working with animals in various capacities, such as veterinarians, trainers, or sanctuary staff, or would like to!
  • Tired of waking up feeling the same way and want to experience harmony with animals and awaken your innate intuition in a supportive community
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What to Expect From Your Animal Communication Mastery Program


🐾 Enhance your ability to communicate with animals using your intuition.

🐾 Save money- When you learn to talk with animals intuitively, psychically in my group you learn the heart of the problem instead of going to the vet.

🐾 Gain a deeper understanding of animals' thoughts, feelings, and needs.

🐾 Reduce stress- you will feel more empowerment with yourself which will reflect in a deeper connection with your pet. 

🐾 Strengthen your connection with animals and deepen your relationship with your pets.

🐾 Experience personal and professional growth through the exploration and practice of animal communication.

🐾 Get Signs you otherwise would miss before becoming major issues.

🐾Join a nurturing and supportive environment to deepen your understanding of animals, enhance your intuitive abilities, and embrace your spiritual growth.



Package 1

Animal Expert Mentorship
Group + 1-1 Coaching

Weekly group coaching + 2 sessions a month + 1 animal reading
Customized To Your Specific Needs
  • Personal and Pet Well-being 
  • Skill Building
  • Telepathic Practice  
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Compassionate Guidance Through Pet Loss
  • Stronger Animal Connections
  • Holistic Growth
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Package 2

Animal Intermediate Mentorship
1-1 Coaching

2 sessions a month + 1 animal reading
  • Personal and Pet Well-being
  • Skill Building
  • Telepathic Practice
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Compassionate Guidance Through Pet Loss
  • Stronger Animal Connections
  • Holistic Growth both Personal & Professional

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Package 3

Animal Explorer Mentorship Group

  • Weekly Safe Space Live Group Meetings.
  • Enhance Abilities with My 5-Step AWAKE-N Process
  • Connect Telepathically with Animals Q&A, Healing, Meditation, Pet Grief Support
  • Animal Communication Practice
  • Access Online Courses, Recorded Workshops, Discounts


$39 / Month

My name is Dulsanea and I am a Animal Communicator & Certified Animal Reiki Master 

My intuitive connection with animals has been part of my life since childhood! My bond with all the animals throughout my life have always supported and taught me many lessons along my journey. IN 2013 when one of my cats, Fuligan, introduced me to Reiki and expanded my psychic abilities even more during his first long distance Reiki session. Immediately, I knew intuitively from my conversation with Fuligan, it was my calling to help other animals and their humans so they too may have a deeper understanding of what their animal is thinking, feeling and wants them to know while fortifying the energetic/spiritual connection with each other.

Read more about my mission here!

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What The Humans Have To Say

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