Crystal Healing for Animals Certification

Learn the knowledge, skills and techniques to provide natural healing treatment plans for your crystal healing sessions.


Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to Choose Your Crystals, Cleanse, Energize & Program

  • Directory of Crystals and Their Healing Properties

  • Focus on the Chakras & How to Read Auras

  • How to Support Traumatized Animals

  • How to Perform Hands-on & Distant Treatment

  • Study Animal Behavior & Create Treatment Plan

  • Prepare Yourself & the Animal w Several Meditations

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About This Course

Now you can help animals both personally and professionally as a Crystal Healer. This course will provide you with all the tools and methods, including the proper forms to prepare for your business. Regardless of your experience in working with holistic modalities, this course will take you step by step so you will have the confidence in preparation, self-care and improving the well-being of the animals around you.

Study at your own pace, with life-time access. Downloadable colorful PDF manual included with many PDF's to support your studying.

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What People Are Saying

Stephanie C.

"I found the crystal session (long distance) very relaxing and provided clarity on how my energies can affect my day and for my dog, he came into the session and stayed with me the entire time. It has been a long time since he has quietly sat with me!  Thank you Dulsanea!"

Cynthia H.

"This course is a powerful, enlightening, inspiring; it is a beautiful and significant contribution to the areas of crystal healing, energy healing, the human-animal bond, and beyond.   The information about crystals and their healing and other attributes, color and associated healing and other properties are brilliant, useful and more.  This course will contribute also to the bond and connection between human and their non-human (and other humans)  companions.  This course clearly acknowledges and celebrates that 'everything is energy, and everything is connected.'   Thank you and congratulations to the Instructor for her time, experience, and expertise in developing and implementing this course....".

Beverley B.

"Dulsanea taught me how to meditate and use crystals for grounding and overall wellness. The two remote,  over the phone Reiki sessions were more than I anticipated. I could feel the energy permeating my body. She is gentle, kind and explains everything. The long-distance session was amazing! I highly recommend Dulsanea for a Reiki  & Crystal Therapy Session! "

Yes! Buy Now For $47