Heaven on Earth Workshop

Where you and your pet discover the keys to conscious living together


In this 1.5-hour workshop, you will:

💫 Unlock Your Greatest Potential
💫 Embrace Conscious Living with Your Animal(s)
💫 Harness Your Creative Power & Passion in 5 Easy Steps
💫 Cultivate Synchronicity through Joy
💫 Experience Guided Meditation 
💫 Receive Zoom Recording
Register NOW: JULY 27th 2024 10 AM EST


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What The Humans Are Saying

Register NOW! JULY 27th 10 AM EST

How I Re-Awakened to My Ability to Talk with Animals

During my childhood, understanding the animals in my life was natural and effortless. However, as I grew into young adulthood, this ability faded and eventually became suppressed. This is a common experience for many!

Then, in 2013, one of my cats, Fuligan, fell ill. Seeking a deeper understanding of his needs, I opted for an animal reading. It was during this session that my intuition and abilities were re-ignited and awakened! I was overwhelmed with unconditional love and joy from Fuligan, resonating deeply within my core.

Experiencing this profound connection with another being brought tears of joy to my heart and spirit. In that moment, I realized my calling: to serve as a conduit, helping humans understand their animals' messages, whether in body or spirit. Over the years, learning from both my own animals and those of my clients, I have developed private coaching and monthly workshops. These aim to guide others in becoming their true, authentic conscious beings and living in harmony on this shared journey of growth.

For over a decade, I have assisted countless individuals in understanding exactly what their pets want them to know, and in forging soul-deep connections with their animal companions.

It brings me immense joy and passion to share this gift with others like you, empowering you to do the same!