How To Process the Loss of a Pet:  Workshop

with Dulsa (Recording)

If you're grieving your pet, whether it's been a short time or years, this recording of my recent workshop is for you. 


You Will:

🐾 UNDERSTAND why you are feeling the way you are
🐾 WHAT Pets in Spirit wants you to know
🐾 RELEASE emotions & beliefs that no longer serve you
🐾 EXPERIENCE  a deeper soul connection with your pet
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What You Can Expect In The Workshop (RECORDING)

🐾 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT you are not wrong or crazy for how you feel
🐾 RELEARN how to feel good (laugh & smile) about your memories
🐾 FEEL your fur-feather-scale baby's LOVE for and within you
🐾 RECEIVE a guided meditation to deepen your relationship
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How I started! 

"During my childhood I was talking with animals, however, as I grew into young adult it faded, then it became suppressed. This is very common!

Then in 2013, one of my cats, (named Fuligan), was ill at the time. I decided to have an animal reading and reiki session with him to better understand his wishes. During that session, my intuition and abilities were re-ignited & awaken!

I immediately knew my calling was to be a Reiki Practitioner - Animal Communicator - to help humans understand & connect soul deep with their animals, both in body and spirit. And to teach others like you to do the same!"

I know what it's like to process a beloved pet who was always your world. 

If you are feeling lost and live day to day in emotional pain join my upcoming workshop to have the tools to feel better with your pet in spirit. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Yes, Send Me The Recording For $17 !